Training day

A ground briefing is given to each student prior to flight on the flight sequence that is to be flown that day, this gives the student a good understanding of what is to be achieved on the day and this also helps reduce the cost of your pilot certificate by reducing time spent repeating sequences in the air.

The courses are competency based and are structured to suit each individual student’s needs, you will be required to do some reading of aviation books for homework and we can advise which books would be suitable.

Following your flight we will brief you on your achievements and make recommendations if required, the aim is build upon your skills progressively leading to your solo flight when your instructor deems you capable for solo and then on to a full pilot certificate.

Restricted Pilot Certificate

You will need to complete at least 5 hours of solo flight and pass a flight test including the following exams:

  • Air legislation
  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge
  • Radio Operator Certificate
  • Human factors

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Passenger Endorsement

Once you have achieved 10 hours of solo flight you can request your passenger endorsement and once awarded, you will then be able to fly family and friends within a 25 nautical mile radius of the training airfield whenever you like.


Cross Country Endorsement

To remove the 25 nautical mile radius you will need to complete a series of navigation exercises usually 4 with your instructor which will build toward your solo navigation flight that you will pilot on your own and after successful completion you will be eligible to take your full Pilot Certificate Test once you have passed the RA Aus Navigation and Meteorology Exam.