Our Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) Phil Syratt has been involved in general aviation as a commercial charter pilot and grade 1 instructor.

Phil has held the position of Chief Flying Instructor/Deputy Chief Pilot at National Aerospace in Essendon and also at AVIA Cirrus Dealership in Moorabbin as CFI/ Deputy Chief Pilot he has also achieved qualifications as an authorised testing officer for CASA and has been involved in teaching Recreational and General Aviation with collectively many thousands of hours and years of experience.

Phil has taught many commercial pilots for regional and international airlines such as Sharp Airlines in Western Victoria, and Singaporean based companies, Chinese Airlines to name a few. Phil has decided to offer his experience through recreational aviation as he has a passion for anything that fly’s and really enjoys teaching students whether it be for recreational flying for fun license or those who want to start a professional career and would like to keep costs to a minimum initially.

Phil and his team at Blue Sky Flight Training can tailor a training package to suit your needs and help you launch yourself into the sky.

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